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Grandparents Rights Law Basics: Whether the parents have stopped letting the grandparents see their grandchildren, the parents are going through a divorce, or one of the parents has passed away, the rights of grandparents in regard to the their grandchildren varies among the states. The Cincinnati lawyer(s) at Shade Law Group answer your important questions, on video, about grandparent rights in Ohio. For answers to your legal questions about Grandparents Rights Law, click on a question below, or to contact Shade Law Group about Grandparents Rights Law issues, use the form below or call (513) 318-3530.

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Back in January the courts in Maryland gave my mother in law emergency custody of my kids ages 4 and 1. I went into the hospital for a suicide attempt. Do I have a chance at getting them back if I am better now?

Can a grandparent ever get custody of a grandchild against a natural parent in Ohio?

Can grandparents adopt their grandchildren?

Can grandparents get temporary custody?

Can parents deny grandparent visitation in Ohio?

Do grandparents have any rights of custody or visitation with their grandchildren?

Do great-grandparents have visitation rights?

Do we need a letter of permission to seek medical help if emergencies arise for our grandchildren?

How can I file for grandparent rights in Ohio?

How can I make sure I can see my grandchild?

How can parents protect their children from unfit grandparents?

How do courts determine whether grandparents get visitation?

I am a grandparent and am being refused permission to see my grandchildren. Is there anything I can do in Ohio?

I think my grandchild is being neglected, and maybe even abused, what can I do?

If grandparents have parental rights, can they make the biological mom take the biological father sign over his rights?


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